Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh the Follies of Youth

I'm going to start off my posts with a few funny stories about two of the first trips I remember from my time in the youth group.
The first story takes place the summer after 6th grade:
So when Cliff Amos was the Interim Pastor the Youth Group took a trip to 6 Flags Over Georgia, not exactly a mission trip, but it had it's purpose, on the way back we stopped at Steak and Shake for dinner. So I'm sitting at a table with a burger and fries in front of me, Nick Smith was sitting on the other side of the table, and I grab a bottle of ketchup, this is one of those glass bottles, the kind you can never get the ketchup out of, so I shake the bottle down and... KAPLOOF!!
I had ketchup on my pants and it was allover the table. Apparently whoever was there before me failed to twist the top all the way on and there was ketchup all over. Hindsight can be funny.

Story two takes place on the first mission trip that Keith was the minister for.

Going out to Utah I was riding in my grandfather's conversion van with Nick Smith, Hannah Haverkamp, and Emily Shelton. We stopped for gas at one point, it was probably in Oklahoma , but I don't exactly remember, and Finn Haverkamp decided that he would ride in the middle of the backseat between Nick and myself, Emily decides that if Finn is going to ride with us that she doesn't want to listen to him talk forever. So she tells him "Finn I will pay you $5, if you don't talk for..." (I can't remember how long anymore I wanna say 15 minuets or so but it was probably longer) Decidning that he liked the idea of getting $5 Finn agrees to the deal, so he sits down and buckles up, and turns on his gameboy and sits there for a few minuets, not to long thereafter he trys to point at his wrist, to ask how much longer he has to be quit, but Emily and Hannah jumped allover that and wouldn't allow him to communicate period, same thing when he tried to write a note asking the same thing. So Finn was quite for around an hour and, that is probably the longest period of time I have ever heard him be quite for.


Hello Everybody,
As you may or may not know this year the Norris Religious Fellowship is celebrating its 75th anniversary. During the course of the year they are going to be holding events commemorating the events. On the Sunday night before Memorial Day (May 24th) they will be holding a dessert reception and recognition event for everyone who has gone on a mission trip with the youth group.
As a lead up to that they would like for the people who have been on youth group trips to post stories and pictures to a blog, some of these may be used in a booklet or just read off on the night of the 24th. If you could RSVP for this in the comments section that would be wonderful, just a yes or no.
As people who have experienced first hand these trips we invite you to, share pictures, and write on the blog, so that others may see and feel what you have felt.
If you have any questions let me know,